Minor in Electrical Engineering

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Students wishing to minor in Electrical Engineering should satisfy a 15 credit hour requirement specified as follows:

Electrical engineering core electives  
ECE 201 Electrical Circuit Theory 3
ECE 202 Electronics I 3
ECE 203 Electrical Circuits Laboratory 1
Select a minimum of 8 credit hours of electrical engineering electives of the following: 8
ECE 206
Circuits, Signals and Systems  
ECE 211
Logic Design  
ECE 301
Electromagnetic Field Theory  
ECE 302
Electronics II  
ECE 303
Electronics Laboratory  
ECE 308
Linear Control Systems  
ECE 336
Discrete-Time Signals And Systems  
ECE 404
Communication Systems  
ECE 405
Solid-State Electronics  
ECE 417
Embedded Microprocessor System Design  
ECE 436
Digital Signal Processing  
ECE 454
Digital System Design and Testing  
ECE 502
Engineering Acoustics  
ECE 503
Laser Communications  
ECE 504
Fundamentals of Optical  
ECE 505
Semiconductor Photonic Devices  
ECE 506
ECE 532
VLSI Systems  
ECE 533
Random Signals and Noise  
ECE 538
Introduction to Digital Image Processing  
ECE 543
ECE 540
Digital Speech and Audio Processing  
Total Credit Hours 15

Students with a major in Computer Engineering wishing to add a minor in Electrical Engineering must take 6 Electrical Engineering course credit hours in addition to those needed to satisfy their degree requirements.


 No more than 6 credits hours may be taken outside the ECE department.


 A 2.0 grade point average in all ECE courses taken.