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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department maintains a variety of well-equipped research facilities. Some of the areas of research include:

Cyberphysical Systems and Cybersecurity

Current research work in this thrust  involves the development of basic analytical models for cyberphysical systems and cyberphysical security, such as the design of a secure Internet and smart grids. ECE faculty are also developing distributed data fusion and multi-agent systems which has application in issues related to distributed decision making and real-time estimation of the state of interconnected cyberphysical systems so that they may make sense of their operational data.

Dr. Jie Xu, Dr. Mei-Ling Shyu, Dr. Hammam Alsafrjalani

Data Science

Current ECE faculty are mainly focused on the algorithmic aspects of big data and informatics, namely the design of statistical signal processing, data mining, data fusion, machine learning, image processing, game theoretic, and computer vision methods for processing various types of signals and data with different levels of quality, data velocities and volumes.  For example, faculty are working on the analysis of genomic data for the detection of cancer gene markers, the detection of toxicity and pathogens in the water supply, face recognition for security applications, and other problems of importance.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb, Dr. Xiaodong Cai, Dr. Mansur Kabuka, Dr. Miroslav Kubat, Dr. Kamal Premaratne, Dr. Manohar Murthi, Dr. Mei-Ling Shyu, Dr. Jie Xu


Dr. Xiaodong Cai, Dr. Mansur Kabuka

Nanotechnology and Smart Devices

ECE faculty are currently involved in designing nanophotonic devices for energy harvesting and storage as well as biomedical applications.  ECE faculty are also involved in the design of nanoscale MEMS devices for the detection of cancer.  ECE faculty are also involved in the design of optical devices and systems for hyperspectral imaging, and other applications.  ECE Faculty members are heavily involved in the operation and management of the BioNIUM facility that is an essential laboratory component of this thrust.

Dr. Sung Jin Kim, Dr. Onur Tigli, Dr. Michael Wang

Signal and Image Processing

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb, Dr. Xiaodong Cai, Dr. Kamal Premaratne, Dr. Manohar Murthi, Dr. Shahriar Negahdaripour