Computer Engienering Option

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Computer engineering is concerned with the characterization, design, analysis and implementation of hardware, software and the overall architecture of computers and computer systems, and with the development of applications enabled by such configurations. This ranges from embedded microprocessors and associated software supporting a variety of familiar devices, to large-scale distributed computer systems interconnected by high-speed telecommunication networks controlled by sophisticated communication protocols. Since modern electronic computing systems are digital in nature, the program provides in-depth coverage of a range of topics dealing with digital information processing systems. Among the topics covered are digital system design, computer organization and architecture, operating systems, software engineering, programming, data structures, algorithms, database systems, microprocessor-based systems, and embedded systems.

The department also offers electives in digital communications, computer networks, wireless and mobile networks, very large scale integration (VLSI), microelectronics, nanotechnology, application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), image processing and computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, agent technology, and cybersecurity (application, information, network, systems security etc.).


Curriculum Information can be found on the University of Miami Bulletin.